As we live from day to day, many things that we do or say or think are not right according to God.  We must confess our faults to God and ask Him to cleanse us, forgive us, and help us with life.  He is willing to forgive us of our sin and He does not hold our sin against us when we repent.  On the other hand, people do things and say things to us that are not right.  What is out response?  Are we willing to forgive them or do we feel that we have the “right” to be angry with them?  How about if we forgive them, but do we forget the wrongful words or deed?  Do you keep in your memory banks a wrong that was done to you years ago and bring it back up to the person who was responsible for doing it as if it happened yesterday?  We must remember that God freely forgives and forgets.  We should do the same.


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