We are to give thanks in everything.  You may say, “How can I give thanks when the car won’t start, the washing machine is broken, the children are fighting, there’s no money in the bank, and I have a headache?!”  That is when you must know that you know, that God has the answers to all your problems.  You must put your faith in His Word and believe that He is not only able, but He is also willing to move on your behalf.  He can cause the car to start, the children to be at peace with one another, prosper you financially, and heal your body! God is our supply!  Give Him praise and thanksgiving for being Almighty God!


 When you pray you should have confidence that God will hear and answer your prayer.  If you don’t believe He will hear your prayer, you feel hopeless.  How can you know that God will answer your prayer?  When you pray His Word (the Bible) He will hear you and answer you.  He is not impressed with whining, crying, yelling, or nagging.  He knows the situation that you face.  He has already given the answer in the Bible. We must all learn to pray His Word, because that is what He hears.  If we will learn that no Word of God is without the power of God to be performed, we will become confident that God will hear and answer our prayers.


 Where is wisdom found?  Some think that wisdom is found in people, books, experiences, etc. and that is a certain kind of wisdom.  The wisdom that never fails you and is always available comes from God and it seems that not many people are seeking God’s wisdom today.  Our lives should be ordered by the principles of God which we find in His Word.  One of the most important principles is the law of sowing and reaping.  What you do and what you say will produce a “crop”.  The questions is: do you want to harvest that crop?  Our words and actions are important in life.  Let us all be determined to plant “good seeds” in our lives so we may harvest good things.


 We are exhorted to study to show ourselves approved unto GOD a person who will not be ashamed because he has followed what God says in His Word.  Study is a key word in this thought.  How can we be followers of Jesus if we do not have an idea of what He said to do? Many people live their lives on what someone else has said the Bible says, without checking to see if that is truly what the “directions” say.  Many people know that the Bible says not to cheat, lie, steal, or covet what someone else has, but do not know what God has to say about anger, unforgiveness, loving one another or the awesomeness of God’s gift to man: Jesus.  We must study the Word and do what we have studied in order to rightly be followers of God in this earth.


 The Bible says we are to pray about everything with all kinds of prayer.  If there is a need for peace, that is the prayer we pray.  There is the prayer of thanksgiving, of praise, of adoration, of petition on behalf of ourselves or someone else, and the prayer of confessing our sin and asking for forgiveness. When we pray we should always pray God’s Word concerning our need.  He honors His word.  If we will spend time in His presence praying His Word, we will have a sense of well-being as well as the answer to our prayer.  God, our Father is good.  His love surrounds us.  His favor rests upon His children.  In His presence we are surrounded with His loving kindness and tender mercy and peace.   How marvelous is the time spent with Him!


 God, our Father, is so lovely, so good, so kind and so caring that He knows every step we take and every thought we think. He clears out our path as we walk toward Him. He is acquainted with our ways and He knows every word that comes out of our mouth. He knows every step we take whether it is going out or coming in. He knows all this about each of us, yet He loves us. He sees us through the blood of Jesus. Thank you, Father, for Jesus. Thank You, Jesus for Your great love for us and for Your victory over death, hell, and the grave! We are a blessed and favored people. THANK YOU, GOD


 May the Lord bless you and keep you. May He make His face to shine upon you and give you peace. May you always walk in His ways and honor Him by giving Him first place in Your lives. May you always trust in Him and not in your own thoughts or plans. May the loving kindness and tender mercies of the Lord follow you all the days of your life, and may you dwell in the house of the Lord forever.