The supernatural love of God that has been given to us is amazing.  How could God look on people and say:  those who choose Me, I will put the supernatural power of My love in them?  How awesome.  Think about that.  When I think about that, I am saying to myself: If I were God I wouldn’t do that!  When I look around I am simply amazed that God looked on us and was willing to send His Son, to become one of us and become the perfect sacrifice for mankind.  My thought is: why?  Look how the majority of people behave.  Look how full of hate they are.  How could You love us?  It is SUPERNATURAL!  There is no understanding of the depths of the mercy and love of God.  We are blessed that He chose us before we chose Him, and He made provision for us!  GOD IS AWESOME!


 Let us praise and thank God because of His blessings and His mercy. (Psalm 67:1-4 KJV) God be merciful unto us, and bless us; and cause his face to shine upon us.  Selah.  That thy way may be known upon the earth, thy saving health among all nations.  Let the people praise thee, O God; let all the people praise thee.  O let the nations be glad and sing for joy; for thou shalt judge the people righteously, and govern the nations upon the earth.  Selah


 We should praise the Lord for His merciful kindness toward us. (Psalm 117 KJV) O praise the Lord, all ye nations: praise him, all ye people, for his merciful kindness is great toward us: and the truth of the Lord endureth forever. Praise ye the Lord.


 “Why did this happen to me?  Why do I have to try to deal with kind of problem?  What am I going to do?”  What do we do with those thoughts and questions?  We must, with God’s help, cast those questions out of our minds.  “Well!  You don’t know how bad this problem or situation is!  I don’t have the answer.  Why did God let this happen to me?”  We live in a world in which the devil seems to have the upper hand and causes much confusion, pain, and discouragement.  We must NOT get into unforgiveness concerning the issues.  Unforgiveness causes a “root of bitterness” to begin to grow in your mind.  If you allow bitterness to rule your life, you will be a miserable person. If you want to be happy and healthy, you must let unforgiveness and bitterness go, so that the love of God can cleanse your mind and give you peace in your heart.  Let go and let God cleanse you today.  


 Thoughts!  Thoughts!! What am I going to do with these thoughts? I can’t stop thinking about the angry words that were said and the hurt that is inside me.  What am I to do?  These thoughts are controlling my days and ruining my nights.  You must remember that you are not alone in this situation.  There are many others that deal with the same thing.  So, what am I to do?  You must go before God and ask Him for help.  You must repent of any part you might have had in causing these words and hurts to come about.  Then you must cast your thoughts, your hurts, your anger, your worry, your care upon God because He loves you and cares about you.  Most important of all is to LEAVE all of those issues with the Lord.  Do not reel them back as if they were fish!  Leave your care with God.  He cares for you and He will take care of you.


 Part of the discipline of our minds, must be to think about what we are thinking about!  Did someone call you or text you a “juicy” tidbit of gossip?  What did you do with it?  Did you think about it and decide to pass it on to someone else with this warning: “now, I’m just telling you. Don’t tell anyone else?”  Or, do you consider what you heard and say to yourself: I’m not passing this on to anyone because I don’t know if this is true?  Sometimes we hear things that we know are true, but are not helpful to the situation.  Those things should not be passed on either.  You may be thinking: you are taking all the fun out of life!  Many times gossip that has been “passed on to others” has caused great harm in the life of the one being gossiped about.  Being a part of the gossip line is something that is NOT approved of by God. Let us “cut our gossip line”, so we can let the love of God shine in our lives.


 Has God blessed you abundantly?  Are you thankful for those blessings?  We are all blessed and we should all be thankful.  When we share with others how the Lord has blessed us, we must be careful to give all the praise for the blessings to God.  We should never let our testimony about God’s blessings be a “brag” about how much God loves “me” so he blessed “me”.  God does love us and blesses us, but all the glory should be given to Almighty God, not to “good little me”.  There is an old saying that goes something like this: I killed the bear.  Pa shot him.  Let us get the order right when we are praising God for blessings.  God gives the blessings, and by His grace I am the recipient of those blessings.