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 Lot’s poor choices almost destroyed him.  By faith Abram prayed for Lot.  The faith of Abram and the goodness of God delivered him to safety.  What is the point of this?  If you have a situation that seems impossible, don’t quit praying.  Pray the Word.  God is listening and watching. We do not pray the problem, we pray the answer to the problem.  When the answer seems impossible to find, pray the prayer that Jehosaphat prayed in II Chronicles.  In his prayer, he said we are surrounded by enemy armies and we don’t know what to do, but OUR EYES ARE ON YOU.  Keep your eyes on God who is the answer, not on the problems and walk by faith.


 When Abram told Lot to chose which way he wanted to go in the land, the Bible says Lot pitched his tent toward Sodom. What does that mean?  He set his face toward the wicked men of Sodom and turned his back on God.  Over the years he moved closer and closer to Sodom, until finally he was living in Sodom and was one of the highly esteemed men that “sat in the gate”.  God revealed to Abram that He was going to destroy Sodom and all the surrounding towns.  Abram prayed for Sodom and for Lot. In the prayer he said to God that he knew God was a righteous judge and He would do right where Lot was concerned.  Abram prayed and God heard and remembered his prayer.  He brought Lot, his wife, and two daughters out of Sodom before it was destroyed. We should pray for those who have made wrong choices and pray that God, our Father, will please help us all to make wise choices in life.


 Which way does your tent face?   Huh?  Your tent is your flesh and your soul which is your mind, your will, and your emotions.  Are you greatly influenced by the “good things of the world”, the glamour, the fame, the fortune, the power?  Well, I just kind of think about that sometimes, but not all the time.  If the things of this world have our eyes and ears and minds it will be very hard to turn away and give our attention to God and things eternal.  At this season of the year we need to have our attention on Jesus, who is the reason for the season.  We all love Christmas, but let us examine our thoughts and lives to make sure our tents are facing the right direction!


 Paul exhorted the Corinthian church to come out from among those people that hated God, were not believers, were idol worshipers, and followed the devil.  If they would do that, God would be their Father and they would be His children.  I find that to be interesting.  We will not be able to walk through life very successfully if we are not in fellowship with God our Father.  It is by His grace that we can walk by faith.  Walking by faith will be difficult, if not impossible, if we are spending our time with those who do not know God or do not care about Him.   May we choose our friends wisely and hold God’s hand tightly.


 As we journey down life’s road, there are many things that happen, choices that must be made, and side trails that look interesting.  Sometimes these things are harmless and sometimes they have disastrous outcomes.  We must let the Bible give us directions and let the Holy Spirit guide us in the paths we take and the decisions we make.  If you make a wrong decision, do not feel like a failure.  Repent and return to God who will dust you off, set you back on your feet, and send you on your way with a smile.  God loves us and wants us to be full of joy and blessed, so let us turn our backs on things that are “suspect” and follow Him as we walk by faith day by day.


May we allow God to teach us His ways so that we may walk in His truth.  Psalm 86:10-12 (KJV) For thou art great, and doest wondrous things; thou art God alone.  Teach me thy way O Lord; I will walk in thy truth: unite my heart to fear thy name.  I will praise thee, O Lord my God, with all my heart: and I will glorify thy name for evermore.  


 The Lord our God is full of mercy and truth.  He is willing to forgive us.  Let us never forget His mighty love, care, and compassion for us. Psalm 86:5-7 (KJV) For, Thou Lord, are good, and ready to forgive; and plenteous in mercy to all them that call upon Thee.  Give ear, O Lord, unto my prayer; and attend to the voice of my supplications. In the day of my trouble, I will call upon Thee; for Thou wilt answer me.


 What do you think about?  Are your thoughts on the issues and events taking place in this world?  If that is what you think about, I dare say, your mind is in turmoil most of the time while you try to “figure out” the answers to today’s questions.  The Bible says that we are to set our minds and keep them set on the things of God. If we do that we can live here in peace.  If we don’t do that we will have very limited peace of mind.  Remember: This world is not our home!  We’re just passing through!  Heaven with all its glory waits just ahead!  Look up!  Jesus is coming SOON!


 Jesus is so wonderful and He loves us so much.  He so loved us that He was willing to lay down His life for us, to be nailed to the cross for our transgressions and iniquities, to wear the crown of thorns so that we could have peace in our minds, and was beaten with many stripes for our healing.  What a Savior!  What mighty Love!  He rose from the grave on the third day.  He rose victorious over sin, sickness and the second-death.  The devil was defeated and we are set free from the law of sin and death.  What love!!  What mercy!!  What grace!!  What a mighty God!!


 The book of Hebrews says that without faith we cannot please God, so our “journey of life” must be walked by faith and not by sight.  Otherwise, we will not please God. So, how do we do that?  The first thing God told Abram (Abraham) was to leave his country and his kinfolks.  We do not know exactly why God told him to do that, but it is possible that God did not approve of their life style!  Hebrews says that by faith Abraham left the Ur of the Chaldees and went out not knowing where he was going.  We sometimes “go out not knowing where we are going”, but I don’t think we are very often sent by God like Abram was, nevertheless, we must also walk in faith from day to day, believing that God is able to guide our steps.