Our faith in God grows as we study His Word and do what He says.  The book of James says that we are to doers of the Word not just hearers.  Why?  We deceive ourselves when we hear or read or study the Word of God, but never do what it says.  When we do what His Word says, we will find that many things that seemed to be large problems in our lives turn out to become very small or they go away completely.  The Word of God has a way of changing each of us, if we do what it says.  Hearing and doing the Word of God causes our faith and our patience to grow.  When that happens, our lives become smoother.  No more up on the mountain, then down in the valley experiences in our lives - just smooth sailing even in contrary winds.  When Jesus, Who is the Word of God, is holding your hand, everything in your life is glorious - even if your circumstances are not.