As we enter a new year, I believe that God has given us some directions that will keep us calm and give us stability. First of all we must live in the presence of God. Not just on Sunday, but 24/7. We must be aware of His presence in our life every day in order to live successfully. The next thing we must remember is that Psalm 37 says not to fret, worry, or be over come by our emotions. There is no profit in fretting, worrying, trying to "figure out" the future! We don’t even know what the next minute holds, let alone the next day, week, or month! Only God knows what the future holds. So what do we do? We walk by faith in God’s Word, not trying to change what He said or twist it around to make it fit our desire! We walk in His way and in His truth because He is our life. If we will do this, His peace will be multiplied in our life.