We are to humble ourselves and pray. What are we to pray? The Lord’s prayer says that we are to pray that His kingdom will come and His will be done IN earth as it is in heaven. Are you praying that the kingdom of God will rule in your life. What? A kingdom has a king. The King, Ruler, Lord of your life should be God. When you pray Thy kingdom come in the earth, you are asking God to be King in your life. Sometimes we "say" the "Lord’s Prayer" and don’t even know what we are saying. We can all say "oh, me". That includes me! When we sincerely pray for the kingdom of God to rule in our life, which is our kingdom, I believe we will see changes in ourselves day after day. The more we allow God to rule, the brighter our light will shine into the darkness of this world. May God’s kingdom rule in your life today.